My pride and joy!

My husband Paul and I started Running the Rift Marathon in 2015. It took 18 months before we were ready to host the inaugural event in November 2016, which was just the best week. This year will be the third #riftmaz!

The marathon is part of a week-long trip for international runners to come and experience an incredibly special and unspoilt part of the world, the edge of the Great Rift Valley in rural Uganda, and run alongside some incredibly talented East Africans.

We've worked hard to make sure the event is part of the community and all the proceeds go to a local charity supporting children living with disabilities. 

Organising and hosting the week is one helluva task but, without sounding morbid, when I thought my time on this planet was done, it was knowing I'd created this and helped others, that gave me peace and fulfilment. Our international runners tell us it's the best week of their lives, our local runners are constantly beaming, the kids from the charity are going from strength to strength. What more could we wish for?! 

And for me, there wasn't a moment of the 2017 marathon that I wasn't thinking of my donor, this event only still exists because of her. I so hope she'd be proud.

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