Public Speaking

Ellie Lacey Transplant

Coming scarily close to death is something I am, in many ways, very grateful for. Before it I was sleepwalking through my life, taking my health and my time for granted. And despite that, hundreds of medical staff in our NHS, and one wonderful woman, decided I was worth saving. They gave me a whole new life, and a whole new outlook. Now I live a much fuller life, every day is a bonus. I am kinder to myself mentally and push myself much harder physically, I surround myself with more love and positivity, and remember to be grateful for every moment. I am as grateful for that kiss from my husband, as I am for that bad day at work - I'm just over the moon that I get to have these bonus days at all.

I wish I had come to this realisation, and led this life, without having to have had my transplant. So now I do everything I can to inspire others to do just that. 

If you have an event you'd like a speaker for, I'd be honoured to come along. Please get in touch: