In January 2017 I had unexpected and unexplained liver failure, and an urgent life-saving transplant. The wonderful doctors found my donor organ when I had less than 48 to live. I know I was very lucky and I will be forever grateful. 

Before my liver failure I was fit and active, having just cycled 6000km across Europe, set up an international marathon in Uganda and I ran almost every day. 

From feeling tired in November 2016 to being at the top of the Super Urgent Liver Transplant List on the 11th Jan 2017. I had my life saving liver transplant three days later and I haven't stopped since.

I often ask myself why this had to happen to me. And I struggle with the guilt of being alive because somebody else isn't. All I can do is strive every day to live a life special enough for me and my donor, and I'm so grateful that I've been able to spread the word on organ donation, even just a little bit.